​Underwater Trail and Nature Space

​​​Dive into the Limfjord and experience Vesthimmerland's unique underwater trail!

​We are proud to host Vesthimmerland's coastal nature base, consisting of an exciting underwater trail and a nature space. It is created in collaboration with og

​Discover the underwater life of the Limfjord: Follow the path in the fjord, visit the 8 stations, and learn more about the animals living in the Limfjord. Take a look through the underwater viewer, catch a crab, and gain a deeper understanding of the fjord's ecosystem.

​For all ages: The underwater trail is accessible to all ages. You can customize the activity based on skill level and water level. When the water level is low, you can explore the stations wearing waders. During high tide, you can swim, use paddleboards, or transparent kayaks.

Nature space and equipment: The nature space is filled with exciting equipment, including waders, underwater viewers, fishing nets, and shrimp pots. Everything you need to explore life below the water surface is available.

Tailored to your plans: The nature space and underwater trail are free and accessible from spring to fall. Use the facilities when it fits into your holiday plans.

Look forward to fun and educational activities at the Limfjord.

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