​Put & take - a great family experience!

Hvalpsund Family Camping has 2 Put & Take lakes and offers fishing in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The fishing lakes are perfectly situated right next to the campsite, providing a beautiful view over the Limfjord. The lakes measure 8,600 m2 and 4,600 m2, respectively.

From the fishing lakes, you have access to the campsite, where you'll find fish cleaning facilities and good toilet amenities. If the campsite's shop and café are open, you'll have the opportunity to purchase treats.

Hvalpsund Put & Take is the perfect place to spend a day in nature with family and friends, whether you're beginners or experienced anglers. If you wish to combine outdoor activities, fishing, and holiday, then a stay at Hvalpsund Family Camping is ideal.

If you have children who are interested in being outdoors and curious to learn about nature, you can take advantage of the "Underwater Path and Nature Room" located at the campsite.


​Regularly, fish are released from Lundby in sizes ranging from approximately 1 kg to 5 kg. The releases are typically a mix of rainbow trout, golden trout, brook trout, spring trout, and tiger trout.

Opening Hours

​March 28th: 8:00 - 20:00
​March 29th - April 30th: 7:00 - 20:00
May 1st - July 31st: 7:00 - 22:00
August 1st - September 15th: 7:00 - 20:00
September 16th - September 30th: 7:00 - 19:00
October 1st - October 31st: 8:00 - 18:00

​Rules and etiquette

Since all visitors at the lakes should have a good experience, it is important to adhere to the set of rules below.

​Rules for fishing

  • One rod with one bait per fishing permit. If you want more rods, you must purchase one fishing permit per rod.
  • Fishing permits must be purchased before fishing begins.
  • Fishing permits are personal and cannot be transferred.
  • Catch quota is stated on the fishing permit and must be adhered to.
  • Fish may not be caught with nets or deliberately incorrect hooks.
  • Fish may not be cleaned at or near the lake. They must be cleaned at the fish cleaning station located at the campground.
  • Live bait = ONLY earthworms.
  • Releasing trout is not allowed.
  • All carp must be gently released.
  • Violation of the rules results in expulsion.

​Fishing ethics

  • ​All activity by the lake is at your own risk.
  • Show consideration for others.
  • Keep the lake clean and tidy.
  • Use the trash cans.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Cars must be parked in the parking lot.

​Practical information


​Parking takes place at the parking lot at Chr. Larsens Vej, the same parking lot reserved for the campground's guests. Parking is not allowed at the lakes.

​Fish cleaning area

​All fish are cleaned at the fish cleaning area, located at the back of the service building closest to the fishing lakes. Fish may not be cleaned at or near the lake.

​Toilet facilities

​You will find toilets in service buildings at the campground, please help us keep them tidy and leave them neat and clean.



​Children (under 12 years old)

​2 hours / Max 3 trout

120 DKK

​​3 hours / Max 4 trout

145 DKK

​​4 hours / Max 5 trout

170 DKK

​​6 hours / Max 8 trout

195 DKK

​​8 hours / Max 10 trout

220 DKK

​​Day Pass / Max 12 trout

280 DKK

​​2 hours / Max 2 trout

60 DKK

​​3 hours / Max 2 trout

75 DKK

​​4 hours / Max 3 trout

90 DKK

​​6 hours / Max 4 trout

105 DKK

​​8 hours / Max 5 trout

120 DKK

​Day Pass / Max 6 trout

150 DKK

​Rental of fishing rod

​It is possible to rent a fishing rod at the store at the campground. It costs 65 DKK. Children (under 12 years old) staying at the campground can borrow a fishing rod for free in connection with the purchase of a fishing permit.

Fishing card

​Fishing permits can be purchased online, via the Fishing App, or at the store on the campsite. Regardless of the method you choose, there's no need to fill out a paper permit. Just make sure your phone is charged so the payment can be shown during inspection.


​Press the button and purchase fishing permits online. Nice and easy. The fishing permit is valid from the time of purchase.

Fisker App

​Purchase fishing permits via the Fisker App on your mobile device. This way, you can quickly get started with fishing. The fishing permit is valid from the time of purchase.

Local Shop

​Purchase fishing permits at the local shop at Hvalpsund Familie Camping. Check the shop's opening hours HERE.

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