​Certified accommodation for anglers
- Sea Trout limfjorden

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​Hvalpsund Family Camping is a certified Havørredlimfjorden partner. In collaboration with Havørredlimfjorden, we can provide information about good fishing spots close to the campsite. 

​Pisces sign

​If you are between the ages of 18 and 65, you must have a fishing license to fish with a pole and other gear in Denmark. The fishing sign can be bought online at or we can help you with it when you arrive.

​Fishing in the immediate area

​In the south-eastern part of the Limfjord, most of the Limfjord's distinctive sea trout brooks come out. This means that there are many fish on these shores in spring and autumn. In Hjarbæk Fjord alone, Simested, Skals, Fiskbæk and Jordbro Å have their outlets. In addition, Lerkenfeld
Å in Lovns Bredning, Trend Å in Løgstør Bredning and Karup Å in Skive Fjord.
In the south-eastern Limfjord you will find all types of coast, majestic nature and a multitude of good fishing spots.

Fishing can be started a few meters from Hvalpsund Family Camping and otherwise you can visit several of Limfjord's best and best-known sea trout spots within a very short distance.

As a certified accommodation for anglers, we offer access to a cleaning area and freezer for the catch, and we can guide you about the local fishing.

You can find more information about fishing in the Limfjord, descriptions of the individual fishing grounds, fishing tips and much more at or in the guide "Fishing in the Limfjord", which we sell.

​On the map, known fishing grounds in the Limfjord are indicated with a line and an associated number. The pitches are selected on the basis of local anglers' experience with fishing and the pitches' availability.

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