​Inspiration for Your Stay

Hvalpsund Family Camping and the surrounding area contain everything you need for a successful holiday. A holiday where there is both time for relaxation and fun activities. 

Hvalpsund is a small cozy harbor town with both a marina, an industrial harbor and a ferry port. In the summer, tourists come to Hvalpsund and there is the opportunity to  shop for souvenirs and buy local fruit and vegetables at a roadside stand. There is a supermarket and several places to eat in the town.

​Golf courses​

​Camping and golf are a good combination and we have several good courses close by. It is only 1.5 km to Hvalpsund Golf Club.

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​Fishing in the Limfjord

​There are very good opportunities for fishing right next to the campsite.

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​Fishing in put & take

​The campsite's neighbor is Fiskegaarden, which has two fishing lakes.

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