Empty vehicle arrangement

Do you wish to visit Hvalpsund Family Camping several weekends in a row without having to pack up your entire caravan every Sunday? Then the empty vehicle scheme is just the thing for you. 

The empty wagon scheme can be used throughout the  low season. You can leave your cart completely free of charge for up to 4 weeks, and only pay for the nights you spend the night. You pay normal overnight rates as there are during that period. 

If the carriage is also unoccupied at the weekend or on public holidays, the charge is for 2 adults per day and site fee. 
Payment is made as follows if the vehicle is unoccupied: 
Weekend 2 days 
Kr. Himmelfart 4 days 
Pentecost 3 days 

You can combine the empty car scheme with other offers in the low season. 

If you want a longer period, we can offer a seasonal place. 

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