​Explore UNESCO-certified Ring Fortresses in Himmerland

The impressive ring fortresses of Himmerland, Aggersborg and Fyrkat, have been awarded the prestigious UNESCO certification, confirming their status as an invaluable part of world heritage. These exceptional sites carry a piece of Denmark's history and represent an era of Viking greatness and influence.


When you visit Aggersborg, you step into the world of the Vikings and have the opportunity to experience their impressive architectural skills. Aggersborg, Denmark's largest Viking fortress, features an impressive circular rampart with a diameter of approximately 240 meters. Here, you can stroll along reconstructed moats and enjoy the spectacular view of the landscape that was once the realm of the Vikings.


Fyrkat, another impressive ring fortress, preserves clear traces of the original buildings and offers well-preserved structures. Here, you can explore the fortress's distinctive circular form and delve into history through informative exhibitions and guided tours.

During your visit, you will gain insight into the daily life, military strategies, and cultural heritage of the Vikings, as well as understand the significance that ring fortresses held during the Viking Age.

The UNESCO certification emphasizes the importance of preserving and sharing this cultural heritage with future generations, providing international recognition to Himmerland's historical testimony of the Viking Age. In addition to Aggersborg and Fyrkat, the certification also includes Trelleborg, Borgring, and Nonnebakken.

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